Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Edge

The Edge- Nikita Sara

The edge...
like a seductress, tempting me to her arms
like a poet, willing me to hear anther verse
like a magician, hypnotizing me under her spell
like a river, enchanting and endearing

I walk closer
the glimmering waters beckon
tempted by the sheer inviting drop
my eyes riveted by the reluctant dewdrops
that glisten on the leaves before they melt away
at  the hint of the first ray of sun
and kiss the tender tendrils on the ground
where the buds open up magically
at the first strain of the new song
the melody and harmony
of the birds waking up to herald the new day
the insects making their way
to their business of the day

...suddenly breaking me out
of my reverie
reminding me that
I should head back
to the bivouac of life
and I will have another day
to feel the magic at the edge
to be tempted by its delusive illusions
to move on and be up and doing
still achieving, still pursuing...

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